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« A Guide to... Elevating Local Employers to Boost Graduate Opportunities »

(Edition 2018)

A focus on local graduate employability is an economic and social imperative.

With regional industries and opportunities differing massively in the UK, we see major disparities between levels of student employment across the different regions. Graduate job prospects not only depend enormously on the location in which students live and the demand for graduate skills in the area but the career readiness of individual students.  

Universities face new challenges as they look to find more targeted ways to support today’s young talent who increasingly come from socially, ethnically and geographically diverse backgrounds. Providing them with knowledge of the local market and engaging them with companies that may largely be unknown.  

In this guide we explore;

  • The reality of the UK graduate market

  • Why local employers are important to successful graduate outcomes 

  • Ideas for increasing engagement with local employers

  • Examples from JobTeaser’s partner network

  • How JobTeaser can help

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